At Redhill Schools, we strive constantly to create a relational environment in which a commitment to personal excellence flourishes. We offer students the opportunity to accelerate, be challenged and to find a pathway that will ensure success. We develop and foster leadership and personal growth to complement the academic, artistic, technical and sporting opportunities that our school provides.
Our blended curriculum (UK and Nigeria) and dedicated staff have created a teaching and learning environment where each student will not only be supported to achieve the highest levels of success of which they are capable but will also be encouraged to be responsible, thoughtful, honest, respectful and confident.
Our strong business and university links along with our community partners provide a unique range of opportunities and pathways that enriches students’ development with real-world experiences and connectedness.
Positive relationships between parents, students and teachers are the foundation of a supported learning environment that builds respect and allow students to be happy, to care about others, to expect greatness of themselves and lead to well grounded and balanced lives.
We welcome you to our school community and a culture in which we believe that every student can thrive and excel and thank you for entrusting Redhill Schools with your child’s education.
Please find hereunder some of our add on values program:-
  • Club based activities: dance, arts, Press Club, drama
  • Lunchtime organised outdoor games
  • Interschool sporting competitions
  • School carnivals
  • Sporting clinics
  • Class Parties
  • Excursions
  • Newsletter
  • Email communication between families and staff
  • SMS communication between families and class teacher and management
  • Parents Yearly Seminar
All learning spaces throughout the school are enabled through wireless connectivity and resourced with:
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Ipads
  • Office Utilities
  • Graphics applications
  • CBT (JAMB) hands-on preparatory exams
  • WAEC past question applications
  • NECO past questions application

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